Australia's Favorite Plus Size Friendly Loungewear


When I discovered The Lullaby Club just scrolling through Instagram, I fell in love with the brand's aesthetic, the cozy fabric and happy pastel colors. The pieces are very versatile (perfect for expecting mamas, post pregnancy and for plus size women as well). 

The Lullaby Club's main mission is to make beautiful, long-lasting loungewear while minimizing their eco footprint. They work with three factories, two in China and one in India. Each factory has a small team of wage-paid workers, boasting high staff retention rates. Any overtime worked in the factory is paid accordingly. The fabric they use is made to order, meaning they aren't using bulk bolts of fabric  that result in wastage and excess. Any off-cuts of their fabric are repurposed into packaging within the factory. 
Their main mission is to strive for streamlining their processes and making their pieces more affordable and wearable for seasons to come. What you receive from The Lullaby Club is the highest quality, chosen with intention and designed for all. 
I hope you will check out our new arrivals from The Lullaby Club and will experience their luxurious but affordable loungewear for yourself! 

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