Enchanted - Part 2. 🕊️

Far, Far Away in a Magical Enchanted Forest, full of mischievous fairies, dancing elves and beautiful surroundings, see’s our Bohemian Princess take on exciting adventures full of delightful wonder and mystical storytelling, magic, and enchanting tales …

Our new Enchanted Collection Part 2 sees a beautiful combination of delicate lace, intricate beading, and embroidered cotton in two magical color ways of Snow White and Dusty Rose.

Finished in our embossed Secret Garden Embroidery, ensuring that each individual style has a touch of romance for the bohemian lover.

Available in 10 new classic signature designs, we are obsessed with the beauty and essence of this dreamy collection, and we hope that you are swept away into the world of our mystical Enchanted Forest …

Launching on 1st December, 6:00PM. 


Enchanted Blouse - Snow White



Enchanted Blouse - Dusty Pink



Mystical Skirt - Snow White



Mystical Skirt - Dusty Rose



Aurora Mini Dress - Snow White



Aurora Mini Dress - Dusty Pink



Enchanted Maxi Dress - Snow White



Enchanted Maxi Dress - Dusty Pink



Enchanted Jacket - Snow White



Enchanted Jacket - Dusty Pink



Aurora Maxi Dress - Snow White



Aurora Maxi Dress - Dusty Pink



Mystical Maxi Dress - Snow White



Mystical Maxi Dress - Dusty Pink



Mystical Duster Dress - Snow White



Mystical Duster Dress - Dusty Pink



The Goddess Dress - Snow White



The Goddess Dress - Dusty Pink



Oephila Dress - Snow White



Oephila Dress - Dusty Pink


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