Birds of Paradise

BIRDS OF PARADISE is a  soft and delicious collection inspired by the love of warmer days, tropical holidays and summer festival nostalgia. Birds of Paradise is one of the most sustainable collection of House of Skye's and we are so excited to be bringing this collection to you! 

This collection has been made in a new eco-friendly cotton with silver lurex, ensuring that House of Skye tread a little lighter on this Earth and the impact we make in the fashion industry.

Imagine playing dress ups with your favorite 70's soundtrack. Birds of Paradise is for the free spirited, the adventure seekers and the bohemian goddess in us all.

Tash, CEO and designer is sharing a little bit of the designing process so if you are interested at what the inspiration and process was behind the collection, keep reading! :)
"Our new collection is inspired by one of our earlier collections Folk Tale which is one of our favourite collections. Using small motifs that captured the collection with the bird and the flora and fauna was a big part of the design idea using softer colour palates that really complimented each other and where the perfect spring colours. I wanted a nice clean background with the main focus on all the attention to detail in the print and the beautiful broader detail. This collection print has become one of our favourites for 2020".
"The name of the collection, I decided to call as it reminded me of tropical holidays and lush backgrounds. Birds of Paradise is actually one of my favourite plants that I own and thought it matched back perfectly with the print and the bird image that we had featured in the print captured in its natural habitat. This collection we shoot at the beautiful tropical grounds at the Botanical Garden Mini Golf in Wanneroo as it had such a beautiful backdrop and captured the beauty of the collection". 

"I love all the pieces that I design in the collection but of course I always have my go to pieces that I am very drawn to. This collection my favourites are the Isla Embroidery Dress and Blouse as these are inspired by vintage Mexican dresses I have had for a long time and I wanted to feature this as one of our must have pieces to won this spring /summer with its embroidery detail and attention to the finer details and in two amazing colour ways, I feel that it will be a favourite for everyone. Secondly the Indica Duster as I love and feature a kimono or duster in every collection. With the stunning embroider pattern and detail featured, it makes it one of our signature styles and a pieces you can treasure for so many years to come". 


I hope you enjoyed learning about this coming collection and you are just as excited as we are for launch day! :)

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