Into The Wild

Our first bohemian brand has just landed - HOUSE OF SKYE - created by Natasha from her obsession of vintage, 70’s fashion, traveling and her talent of finding old treasured textiles through flea markets. Inspired by style icons such as Stevie Nicks and Bridgette Bardot who embodies glamour, beauty and free spirits.

The first collection from House of Skye is 'Into The Wild' that is inspired by Natasha's love of the Australian countryside. She created this collection from heart for the Bohemian lover who is fearless and strong no matter what they are up against. 'Into The Wild' features a classic leopard print, with some lace to give a feminine and fearless touch to the stunning luxe silky Rayon fabric. These romantic pieces are layered with luxe cotton lace and inspired by old western movies and the glamour of the Wild West.

'Into the Wild' is for the woman who is wild and free. 

 House of Skye takes pride on their sustainability efforts; they focus on more a made-to-order business model and it's very important to them to leave as little footprint on our planet as possible. House of Skye's factories are located in Jaipur, India and are family-owned and operated businesses which are a huge part of their foundation. They ensure that they as a small business work with smaller factories as they become part of the House of Skye extended family and they work closely to ensure that they bring their collections and products to life for  customers to love and cherish for all the years to come. Their code of conduct is strict, and fair trade. They ensure that the makers are paid equitable wages, they insure no child labor, paid overtime at all times, makers are working in ethical working conditions and they are committed to benefiting farmers, workers and their communities in some of India poorest areas. To learn more, click here



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