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Salté's Story

With an endless love for the ocean, the outdoors and an aptitude for design, owner and creative director Sharna Hupfeld explores these life essentials through her vision of Salté.

Salte Designs is an eco-friendly Australian lifestyle brand with a mission to celebrate the sunshine seeking sisters of the earth through beautifully hand-crafted swimwear and clothing pieces. Every design is a representation of our sustainable vision to bring confidence to all women and inspire a sense of freedom and wild adventure. 

Operating out of a small studio in Currumbin on the Gold Coast,

Owner and creative director Sharna Hupfeld is an old soul at heart with a love for the sand & sea, groovy vibes and authentic self-expression - especially through fashion. When not preparing your unique Salte gifts, she can often be found wandering barefoot through local thrift stores on an endless search for vintage treasures and textile inspirations.



As part of their commitment to sustainability Salté Designs: 

  • Swimwear is now made from recycled plastic. 
  • Discourage ‘fast fashion’ by focusing on small production runs of well made, lasting pieces to encourage women to buy quality rather than quantity.
  • Use compostable garment bags and mailing satchels.
  • Ship plastic free parcels.
  • Recycle, or reuse any plastic sent to them during production. 
  • Support small suppliers.

They work closely to their makers in both China & Indonesia for several years. Their beautiful sewers are paid above the minimum wage and their working environments are safe and clean. They are free to work from home so they can be with their friends and family. 

Salté will always be on the look out for sustainable fabrics and printing options, while still creating high quality garments.

Salté's Fabrics Facts


Salté has proudly made the change to work with environmentally friendly fabrics.

RecoTex™ is a series of newly developed environmentally friendly fibers mostly made using recycled PET bottles.
PET is used as a raw material for making packaging materials such as bottles and containers for packaging a wide range of food products and other consumer goods. Examples include soft drinks, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and edibl. PET is one of the most common consumer plastics used.
Specialized polymerisation spinning technologies were then employed to produce high quality recycled PET fibers. Recycling of PET bottles can help slow global warming and save our planet by reducing environmental pollution, cutting back on fossil fuel and energy consumption, and decreasing CO2 emissions. 
They will continue to strive to produce quality, recycled, and ethical products to their customers whilst recognizing their responsibility to minimize their impact on their beautiful earth and environment. 

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