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Jewelry Care Information


Do not wear your gold plated jewelry in water. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes and oils. After removing your jewelry, run a clean dry cloth over each piece to remove the day.  If you have a known allergy to brass or silver, please be aware when purchasing our jewelry. *All of our pieces are nickel and lead free.



Gold filled jewelry often requires very low maintenance. Gold fill pieces are more durable than 18k plate but will still need some TLC over time. You can clean your items with a wet cloth, gentle tooth brush and ordinary soap. It’s better not to use rough surfaced cleaning pads such as Scotch Brite. You can also put your gold filled pieces in a small cloth bag (with little to no holes for chains to wiggle through and get lost in the machine) and toss in the washing machine to clean them along with the rest of your laundry.  You will get your jewelry back clean and shiny as it is meant to be.

*Though our gold filled pieces are durable, we still do not recommend them coming in direct contact with lotions, oils and perfumes. This can dull your pieces and reduce its shine. We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on when heading out.



Gold fill is second only to solid gold in terms of quality and is the best affordable option when it comes to durability and longevity. 

Our gold fill jewelry is created with an outer layer of entirely 14k gold. This detail is what separates it from gold plated.  Whereas gold plate tends to be a blend of gold and base metals and only contains a fraction of a percentage of gold. Gold filled has an outer layer of 5-10% 14k gold over brass. This technique is more durable and provides a longer life span for your pieces when provided with the right care. Gold fill is safe for most sensitive skin types. Please be cautious if you have an allergy to brass as our gold filled jewelry still contains this metal and your skin may have a reaction.


The pH of your skin may react to metal jewelry.  Not getting enough water? In a humid environment? Put a little extra lotion on? Even high quality metal jewelry can sometimes leave a green tint on your skin when the metals react with the acidity of your skin. It can also be caused by other substances on your skin, such as lotion, oils or perfumes. Luckily, this is completely harmless. An easy way to remove this is to apply rubbing alcohol or makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe down the affected area on your skin.

If you have a known allergy to brass, please be aware when purchasing our gold-plated and gold filled jewelry. Gold filled has an outer layer of 5-10% 14k gold over brass, it still contains brass as a base metal. *All of our pieces are nickel and lead free.



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